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Your First is Always Special!


March 7, 2014

How many websites have you designed – or had designed for you?  Until this year my answer to this question was a big round number – zero!  Now you’re looking at the end product of my first and I know this will always be special to me now!

Let me state from the outset that I didn’t design this site.  That’s not my skill at all.  I worked with a really good company called tomango who are based in Ringmer, East Sussex.  I met Mark Vaesen, the MD, through our respective partners who are long-standing friends.  Not only was I struck by his friendliness but I liked the way he talked about his business.  He sounded knowledgeable, customer-focussed and passionate about quality.  So when I came to launch Change Formation I approached him to ask if tomango would help.

tomango are experts in branding, web and online marketing.  I asked them to help me with the first 2 of these.

Mark’s a good listener.  He took great care to find out about my markets, how I wanted to position my business and what was important to me.  He produced a detailed Project Plan which became the cornerstone of our work.

To me, the sign of a high performing business can be measured firstly by the alignment of each employee to the common goals and standards; and secondly by the quality of communication between the people.   tomango are a good example of having both of these.  For example, Mark passed the brand design work to Mike Vine, the Creative Director, and, when I met Mike for the first time, it was clear that he had been accurately and fully briefed by Mark.

Mike researched the type of business, competitors and market place and created the brand that you can see around this website.  It was evident to me that he enjoyed this project and that he takes immense pride in his work.  I really love the graphic device in the second ‘o’ of Formation, which we’ve come to call the “Listening Bubble” to reflect that communication lies at the heart of this business.

Once the brand was signed off (and I could skip off to get my business cards and stationery printed!) it was time to build this website.  Production Director Julian Wates ably led this task.  He knows his stuff and it was easy to trust him to get things done, listen to my suggestions and to take his advice as to what works best.  Julian worked with Trys Mudford to build the site and it was great to hear their pride and enjoyment.  Trys taught me how to upload content (such as this article) in a calm and structured way.

And I need to mention tomango’s Elliot Massen who became my vital IT support as he helped me set up the new email addresses on my devices.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at tomango.  I’m delighted with the results and have received many positive comments about the Change Formation brand and website.   My first will always be special!  I was also pleased to read an article on the tomango website about their views on this project.  Have a look at

We’re really proud of this website.  Thank you for visiting it.  We’d love to hear your comments and views…

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