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Winter Olympia


February 8, 2014

Perspectives on the Learning and Skills Conference 2014.

I attended the Learning and Skills Conference and Exhibition at Olympia, London, on a wintry January day.  The hall was busy and there were plenty of exhibitors from the commercial world of learning and development. I took away 3 key themes to share with you.

The first was the growing influence of neuroscience in learning design.  Speakers challenged some established models e.g. VAK, and promoted the focus on most recent research on brain function.  Along with agreeing with being current, I also concluded that the recent scientific findings were supporting long-established theories and tools too.

Secondly I noticed the spread of the categorisation of learning at work into ‘Formal’, ’Informal’ and ‘Social’.  Look out for our future updates about how these are designed into development programmes.

Finally, it was great to see that face to face development remains current.  I heard a few speakers challenge the effectiveness of converting all learning to technology-based or online solutions – points I agree with. In my view, we need to use the information and range of media that is available to our clients, while harnessing the power of our human interactions in our professional development programmes.

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