Patrick Bland

Insights Discovery Practitioner


Patrick has extensive experience of working in the corporate world, both as an employee and as a people development professional, for public and private organisations. A professional actor, he has spent many years working in theatre based learning. His attentive and empathetic style has helped participants to open up, unlock limiting behaviours and get the most from their learning opportunity. As an Insights Discovery practitioner, Patricks draws on his acting, coaching and facilitating experience to bring the Insights Discovery process to life.

Style and approach

Patrick is an excellent listener and encourages delegates to share their own stories, to give greater context to their learning experience. He believes that using Insights Discovery, to enhance people’s self-awareness, enables them to see their own behaviours in relation to others and learn to adapt those behaviours for improved communication. His ethos is that even the smallest change can make a significant difference to an individual’s confidence and working relationships. From the starting point of Insights Discovery, Patrick specialises in supporting people to develop:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Leadership and management
  • Team development
  • Developing and maintaining client relationships
  • Conflict management
  • Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Networking
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking

Projects and clients

Patrick has a background of supporting many high profile public and private organisations, including:

  • Diabetes UK
  • Surrey Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater London Authority
  • Sussex NHS Partnership Trust
  • Siemens PSE
  • Shearwater Geoscience
  • Cardtronics
As our newest team member, we’re looking forward to introducing Patrick to our existing and new clients, and drawing on his many years’ experience for their benefit.

Insights Discovery - Inspirer

Patrick’s Insights Discovery Profile

Patrick’s preference is Earth Green energy, making him a perfect choice for a role in developing people’s interpersonal skills. Energised by helping people make changes for the better, Patrick’s natural compassion and empathy enable him to build rapport quickly and create a safe environment for delegates to open up.


After graduating with a BA Hons in English and History, Patrick initially worked in insurance and TV production, giving him a very diverse experience of corporate life. In 1999 he decided on a career change; his fascination for how people behave and interact inspiring him to study for a Diploma in Acting from the Academy of Creative Training. As a professional actor, Patrick has split his time between theatre based learning and other roles on stage and screen. In addition to acting, Patrick also became a skilled facilitator of theatre based learning.


Patrick is a fully licenced Insights Discovery Practitioner.

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