Kim Newton-Woof

Organisational Development Consultant and Coach

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Kim has extensive experience supporting organisations to bring their strategy to life, be that through people development, change management or event management. Working in partnership with leaders and managers, Kim excels as a collaborator, consultant, facilitator, agent for change and occasional agitator, in both the public and private sector.

Style and approach

Kim’s expertise is in organisational and leadership development, coaching and facilitation; her passion is what’s possible through people. The key to Kim’s success is working out what’s really holding people back, and exploring what can be done about it through powerful conversations. Kim works in partnership with top teams and their organisations to create small changes with big impact, through meaningful, relevant development experiences. Using a creative combination of questioning, assessment and feedback to provoke deeper thinking, Kim helps our clients explore and challenge their activities and behaviours. The goal of Kim’s work is to build trust, foster accountability and improve performance. Kim’s specialisms include:

  • Organisational development
  • Leadership development
  • Managing change
  • Performance development
  • Effective communication skills

Projects and clients

Kim enjoys working with people who are searching for meaningful ways to sustain positive change, at a personal, team or organisational level. Kim has facilitated a range of team development workshops, often using the Insights Discovery personality profiling system. Her clients have included BUPA and The Department for Culture, Media and Sport. As an executive coach, Kim has worked with senior leaders across both the public and private sectors.


With early career success as a teacher, communications expert and project manager, Kim honed her organisational development skill in a senior position at the University of Southampton. In this role Kim managed organisation-wide portfolios of activity as well as centralised leadership development programmes, business model redesign and frameworks for transformation and culture change. In 2016 Kim moved into a change management role, delivering a transformation change programme across one of the UK’s leading water companies. Following the completion of this project, in 2017, Kim joined Change Formation, specialising in supporting our clients’ with their organisational development strategies.


Kim graduated with a BA (Hons) in Geography with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). A Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Kim has earned a number of additional qualification over the course of her career so far. These include:

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