Positive Client Relationships

Become trusted advisors and cultivate positive, sustainable relationships with clients.

Learn how to transform your employees from having a purely transactional relationship with their clients to becoming trusted advisors. Develop their client relationship management skills and ability to negotiate win-win solutions to the benefit of both your organisation and your clients.

Your people will gain

  • Increased assurance in being able to cultivate positive client relationships.
  • The boldness to try new approaches for the benefit of your organisation and your client.
  • clear plan of action for each client, tailored to their specific circumstances.
  • Determination and resilience to become a trusted advisor.

Read more about our ABCD philosophy for successful development.

Become trusted advisors to your clients

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Why are positive client relationships important?

Moving from a transactional relationship with clients to that of a trusted advisor opens the door to many more opportunities to develop your business.

Strengthening client relationships will enable your team to seek out more effective recommendations and solutions. They will learn how to deal with each client differently, adapting their communication and influencing techniques accordingly.

This enhanced bond with your clients will, ultimately, enable you to find more opportunities to work together on a win-win basis.

Read how we helped Siemens PSE Limited to become trusted advisors.

Who is this for?

This development is ideal for any client-facing employees building ongoing relationships including:

  • Those who are new to client-facing roles.
  • More experienced client-facing teams who want to increase their skills and confidence.

This doesn’t just mean salespeople. This training would be equally beneficial for the technical, engineering or service delivery teams who work with clients before, during and after projects.

What is included?

Before each programme is developed, we spend time with your organisation to ensure we fully understand your requirements and engage with senior stakeholders and sponsors.

We create a bespoke learning programme tailored to your needs and your overall business strategy. For example, this might include:

  • Personality profiling, such as Insights Discovery, to increase the participants’ self-awareness and understanding of their colleagues and clients.
  • Workshops to present the skills and techniques which underpin the move to trusted advisor status.
  • Coaching sessions, 1:1 or in groups, to embed the learning and discuss individual objectives and action plans.
  • Follow up sessions to review how the participants have applied their learning, any problems they encountered, and the next steps they will take.

Example training outline:
Positive Client Relationships Programme

How long will it take?

The bespoke nature of our work means that we can adapt the learning to the time you have available and the outcomes you want to achieve. For example you might need:

  • A long-term development programme lasting several months.
  • A more intensive course/workshop over one or several days.
  • A series of masterclasses focusing on specific aspects, such as influencing skills or win-win negotiating.
  • One to one development through our executive coaching.

Where can it be done?

If you opt for in-person training this can be done at any location you choose, including your offices or a nearby event venue (which we can arrange for you). The delivery of your programme will be adapted to the space and facilities available.

Our positive client relationships training can also be delivered online, which can be particularly useful for remote teams or to facilitate the delivery of shorter bursts of learning.

Featured case study

Developing positive client relationships for Siemens PSE Ltd

Supporting a team of Technical Consultants to move from purely transactional client relationships to achieving “Trusted Advisor” status.

I’ve gained awareness of how to develop better client relationships and more confidence in talking to clients about my work and challenges. I’ve also learned about negotiation and the win-win approach.
Participant from Siemens PSE Limited

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