Management Skills

Developing confident, effective managers

Great organisations develop from great products or services, great people and great managers who are skilled in getting the best from both.

We are acutely aware of the changes and challenges which managers are facing. Through our inspirational and results-focused development programmes, we equip your managers with the skills and confidence to thrive in this environment, achieving both personal and organisational success.

Benefits of manager development:

  • Have the assurance to deal with ever-changing working patterns.
  • Be bold in setting accountable standards for your own performance and that of your team.
  • Communicate and motivate with clarity of vision, employing a range of knowledge and skills.
  • Cultivate a high performance team which is determined to succeed.

Read more about our ABCD philosophy for successful development.

Rob provided a comprehensive management training programme … his thoughtful and knowledgeable input was critical to the strategic success of the business.

Keith Onslow
Finance Director

Give your managers the skills and confidence to succeed.


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Why are management skills important?

Managers need a wide range of competencies to perform their roles effectively and confidently. On top of that, they need to constantly adapt those skills to the demands of the evolving work environment.

As more managers rise to the challenges of working remotely or in hybrid structures, additional skills and practices are needed.

Whether new to management, or refining skills gained from years of managerial roles, tailored training and coaching will give them fresh expertise, motivation and confidence.

Developing skilled managers across your organisation is essential to increase your teams’ engagement, satisfaction and performance.

Who is this for?

Our management skills programmes can be tailored to the needs of:

  • Senior managers moving from operational to strategic roles.
  • Experienced managers, who manage other managers.
  • First line managers.
  • People who have been newly promoted to a management position.
  • Members of your team who aspire to a future managerial role.

What is included?

All our people development is tailored to the requirements, organisational structure and overall business strategy of each client. Through detailed research and discussions, we will work with you to identify the best solution for your organisation.

As an example, your programme might include:

  • Exploration of individual personality types and managerial styles, using proven profiling techniques such as Insights Discovery and Appraisal 360.
  • Identification of personal preferences and development of individual learning plans.
  • Topic-specific workshops or masterclasses to target areas for development.
  • Coaching sessions, individually or in groups, to reinforce the learning and provide an opportunity for reflection.
  • Creation of an ongoing development plan for each participant with regular reviews to assess the impact of their new approach and how to develop this further.

Our management skills training dovetails with our leadership development work and one to one executive coaching.

Example outlines of our management skills courses:

As we are an Approved Centre, your training can be developed for accreditation by ILM, which provides participants with a professional qualification.

How long will it take?

Our fully bespoke development programmes are tailored to the time you have available.

For example, this could mean:

  • Long term programme of management skills development.
  • Single course or workshop, lasting one or more days, to target a specific need.
  • Short masterclasses spread over a number of months.
  • Ongoing one to one coaching.

Where can it be done?

All our learning can be delivered in person or online, or through a combination of both methods.

When we’re working in person we can come to your offices or source a suitable local venue. The content of the training will be adapted to suit the location.

Alternatively, we can deliver group training or one to one coaching through online platforms. Often, we use a combination of remote and face to face learning, to get the maximum benefits with the minimum time and expense.

Who will deliver it?

We are experts in the development of managers and leaders. In addition to our experience as trainers and coaches, we also have ‘real life’ management backgrounds to draw on.

Our skills range from the latest psychometric assessment techniques to the dynamic experience of theatre-based training.

This is all delivered with a constant focus on your organisation’s strategic goals, ensuring that our work benefits your people and your organisation.

Develop effective and inspirational managers for your organisation.