Team Development

We work with Leaders and their teams during transformation and change through:

  • Team Development Programmes (Designing the roadmap for improvements, Determining and Improving the ‘Patterns of Play’ and Gathering and responding to lessons learned from previous projects and activities).
  • Designing and facilitating ‘Breakout’ Sessions at Conferences.
  • Providing facilitation services for ‘offsite’ team meetings and ‘away days’ – sourcing activities and venues, organising and coordinating, as required.
  • Using established, robust and easy-to-use psychometric instruments to identify the personalities and role preferences among the team members, to increase mutual understanding, openness and collaboration.
  • Identifying and planning ways to boost the effectiveness of Team Meetings and associated internal communication methods and media.

We have changed and developed greatly and it’s thanks to Rob’s skills and encouragement.

Mark Mitchelmore Procurement Director, Defence Mission Systems

Team Development using Insights Discovery

High performing organisations are a combination of interdependent, highly effective teams who work really well together.

Recent examples from business, sport and the arts show that when principles of high  performance are applied with groups of people, the results can be way beyond expectation!

If we can get team-working going well, not only will the team members perform and enjoy their work, but the organisation is likely to be more successful.

Most importantly, the effectiveness of the Senior Management Team and its connection to the system of teams in the organisation is vital in achieving the vision and goals.

Our effective team-working programme uses the Insights Discovery Personality Profiling System to build both self-awareness and understanding of the similarities and differences of the team members’ preferences.

This mutual understanding leads to the development of skills for adapting to and connecting with colleagues.  The workshop also introduces our team effectiveness model for ongoing development of the team’s activities, discussions and approaches.

During the Workshop we’ll discuss your ‘Team Wheel’ – a map of the mix of personality types and colour energies in your team.  We’ll use this information to identify the strengths, potential blind-spots, benefits and risks associated with the team members you have.

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