Team Development

Develop high performance, motivated teams.

Leaders and team members will gain stronger self-awareness and empathy for their colleagues. Through our team coaching they will learn the skills and techniques of highly effective teams, and create strategies to optimise their team’s performance.

High performing teams

  • Have the assurance of understanding the mix of personalities within the team
  • Aim to achieve bold results
  • Have a clarity of focus on the team’s methods and measures of success
  • Are determined to achieve as a team, not just as individuals

Read more about our ABCD philosophy for successful development.

Rob has been instrumental in the success of a number of high performing teams…We have changed and developed greatly and it’s thanks to Rob’s skills and encouragement.

Mark Mitchelmore Procurement Director, Defence Mission Systems

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Why is team development important?

Organisations are made up of interdependent teams, and the success of these teams drives the success of the organisation.

Teams which have a positive culture and effective collaboration will naturally perform at a higher level.

We work with teams and their leaders to cultivate a mutual understanding and appreciation between team members.

We identify opportunities for improvement in five key areas:

  • Drive & Determination Collectively agreeing a clear goal and striving to achieve it
  • Collaboration & Celebration Being agile and adaptable
  • Employee Experience Trusting each other and having good interpersonal relationships
  • Methods & Measures Establishing agreed ways of working and progress dashboards
  • Living & Learning Continually identifying strengths, successes and areas for improvement

Investing time to develop your team is particularly important when some or all members are working remotely. Assess your remote team’s effectiveness with our questionnaire.

The leader and team members will gain insights into the mechanics of their team, the results they’re focusing on, and how they can adapt their behaviour to support both their colleagues and the team’s objectives. This leads to heightened performance through:

  • Stronger individual engagement
  • Less conflict
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced problem solving and creativity
  • Better decision making

Case study: Discover how we supported the merger of two teams during the reorganisation of a Naval Defence company.

Who is this for?

Our team coaching can be tailored to suit any situation.

For example:

  • Getting newly formed teams off to the right start
  • Resolving team underperformance
  • Cementing the relationship between high performance team members
  • Coaching senior managers in team development skills

What is included?

Our team coaching services are bespoke designed to each organisation’s situation and objectives.

As a guide, these are activities which we are likely to include:

  • Preparatory work for participants to consider the status quo in their team.
  • Assessment of individual personality traits, using tools such as Insights Discovery, MBTI and Belbin.
  • Extension of this assessment to mapping the personality types within the team.
  • Discussion about how to use this knowledge to improve collaboration.
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement, including lessons to learn from past activities.
  • Creation of an action plan to achieve “high performance team” status. For example, this might include techniques to make team meetings more effective or improve internal communication.
  • Agreement of follow up activities to implement the action plan and measure its efficacy.

Example training outlines:

How long will it take?

We can provide team coaching according to your required timescales. For example:

  • Longer-term development programmes
  • Course/workshop over one of several days
  • A series of short, facilitated meetings
  • One to one development for team leaders, through our executive coaching

Where can it be done?

We are happy to travel to any location for in-person training, including your offices or event venues (which we can source for you). We adapt our work to suit the space and facilities available.

Our team development coaching can also be delivered online. This can be particularly useful for shorter training sessions and if your team includes remote workers.

Who will deliver it?

Change Formation’s focus is on the development of high performance teams and their leaders.

Your team development will be provided by one of our highly experienced and expert coaches. We are skilled at making our programmes engaging and enjoyable for all participants.

We have a range of tools and expertise at our fingertips, enabling us to tailor our approach to the circumstances and aims of your organisation.

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