Leadership Development

Developing inspirational leaders

We have a keen understanding of the skills that exceptional leaders need. Our engaging, multi-faceted development programmes are designed to cement existing expertise, introduce new techniques and give participants an appetite for further learning.

Benefits of our leadership development:

  • Feel assured that your leadership style will generate the results you want
  • Make bold strategic and tactical decisions
  • Communicate with team members more clearly
  • Demonstrate a determination to lead by example

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Rob provided a comprehensive management training programme … his thoughtful and knowledgeable input was critical to the strategic success of the business.

Keith Onslow Finance Director

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Why is leadership development important?

Research shows that an organisation’s “climate” is a reflection of the style of its leadership. In turn, that climate strongly influences the organisation’s performance.

Often overlooked in favour of more practical management skills, refining your leadership style is an essential part of improving your organisation’s climate. The ability to use emotional intelligence and adapt your approach to different situations and team members will pay dividends. You will achieve improved engagement and performance, both for yourself and your team.

Beyond this, specific skills and techniques will enhance your leadership capabilities on a more practical level. This might include:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Performance conversations
  • Coaching
  • Managing remote or hybrid teams
  • Decision making
  • Fostering positive engagement
  • Management communications

Who is this for?

Our development programmes can be tailored to the needs of established senior leaders, new managers or to prepare other members of your team for future managerial roles.

What is included?

Our training is developed to specifically serve your organisation’s situation and objectives. We will carry out thorough research and needs analysis to ensure that we deliver the right solutions for your business.

By way of illustration, a typical leadership development programme might include:

  • Preparatory work to consider the status quo and gather feedback from team members.
  • Review of different leadership styles and their effects on the organisation’s performance.
  • Individual personality assessments, for example using Insights Discovery or MBTI.
  • Correlation of the assessment outcomes with your preferred leadership styles and identification of personal development plans and opportunities.
  • Evaluation of specific leadership skills and techniques, reflecting on how each participant might benefit from adopting them.
  • Opportunity to practice the skills, for example through theatre-based training.
  • Creation of a personal plan of action with each participant, detailing how their newly acquired insights and skills will be applied in the workplace.
  • Individual or group coaching approaches (Learning Sets) to further boost their development.
  • Agreement to a development review a number of months after the training, to reflect on changes in approach and what still needs to be done.

We can also incorporate elements of our effective communication training. And we offer one to one executive coaching to support more personal leadership style development.

Example training outlines:

If required, your training programmes can be developed for accreditation by ILM, providing trainees with a professional qualification.
ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

How long will it take?

Our training and coaching is fully adaptable to suit the time you have available. By way of an example, we can offer:

  • Long-term leadership development programmes
  • Course/workshop over one or several days
  • A series of short masterclasses
  • One to one leadership development, through our executive coaching

Where can it be done?

We can deliver face to face training at your offices or a suitable venue, which we can source for you. We’ll adapt each session to the location and facilities available.

Leadership development training can also be delivered remotely through video conferencing. This applies both to group training and one to one coaching sessions.

Who will deliver it?

Our team of experts specialise in leadership development. We have decades of combined experience in coaching, mentoring, training and developing leaders, across a range of industries and around the world.

We are qualified practitioners in a range of renowned and effective psychometric and feedback tools, including Insights Discovery, MBTI, Belbin and Appraisal 360.

We don’t just deliver training. We are dedicated to achieving tangible outcomes for our participants. We aim to inspire them to be ambitious about people development, for themselves and their organisation.

Discover the benefits of our approach to leadership development