Executive Coaching

At Change Formation we use the design principle of ‘personalisation’ to produce a bespoke coaching programme for each executive we work with.

Our Executive Coaching Programmes are tailored to each person. This means that, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, you’re guaranteed to receive the coaching and advice most relevant to your professional and personal situation.

We believe that, no matter what stage a person is at in their career, taking the time to reflect and talk through their strategic approach, career decisions and future goals can be incredibly beneficial.

How it works

Coaching is about action, change and achieving the results you want.  The Change Formation team will work with you to identify the specific impact and measures of success before your programme starts.

We will listen and take note of the goals you wish to achieve and the agenda you wish to follow – the potential topics can include:

  • Motivation

    Finding and tapping into the emotional and physical energy needed to be a successful leader.

  • Self Awareness

    Completing diagnostics for identifying personality preferences, strengths and development needs.

  • Career

    Determining career goals and strategising their achievement, while taking into account the sacrifices that need to be made in reaching them.

  • Skills

    Reviewing the effects of existing practices and developing the skills needed to achieve the identified goals.

  • Profile

    Seeking and taking opportunities at key moments to build and use a network of active supporters who become stakeholders in those achievements.

  • Thinking

    Using a range of techniques to support the formation of strategies, ideas and plans for change.

  • Role

    Identifying and using new and existing ‘day job’ activities to provide development opportunities to achieve the Executive’s goals.

  • Relationships

    Gaining insights into the behavioural changes to be made to build productive relationships with individuals and teams.

  • Knowledge

    Using targeted literature and learning to enrich development e.g. extracts, books, blogs, eLearning.

Blended learning

Change Formation’s Executive Coaching programmes aren’t solely about having conversations on a one-to-one basis.

We combine the following strands, finding the perfect balance to generate the engagement and unwavering desire that Executives need to develop, perform and achieve:

  • Coaching – usually individually, sometimes in Learning Sets.
  • Opportunities to apply and practise new strategies and skills.
  • Reference to relevant models, theories and thinking.
  • Exposure to stretching situations, peers in their own or other organisations and the senior stakeholders in the Executive’s success.

Your insights and skills were pivotal in positive fundamental changes in my career.

Dave Mason Operations & Delivery Director, Defence


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Transform your career with bespoke coaching.