Executive Coaching

Coaching tailored to your professional and personal situation.

At Change Formation we use the design principle of ‘personalisation’ to produce a bespoke coaching programme for each executive we work with.

Benefits of our executive coaching

  • Gain the assurance that comes with meaningful self-awareness
  • Become bolder in your thinking and decision making
  • Make time to reflect more clearly on your career and personal goals
  • Revitalise your determination to achieve those objectives

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Why is executive coaching important?

We believe that, no matter what stage a person is at in their career, taking the time to reflect and talk through their strategic approach, career decisions and future goals can be incredibly beneficial.

We will listen and take note of the goals you wish to achieve and the agenda you wish to follow. Potential topics for coaching can include:

  • Motivation
  • Self-awareness
  • Career
  • Skills
  • Profile
  • Thinking
  • Role
  • Relationships
  • Knowledge

Who is this for?

Anyone in an executive position, from junior managers to senior leaders, can benefit from coaching.

Sometimes people come to us because they have a specific goal in mind. Others are seeking more exploratory coaching, perhaps to define what their goals could be. The beauty of coaching is its personal nature – you define the journey, we simply and skilfully accompany you down the path.

What is included?

Coaching is about action, change and achieving the results you want. The Change Formation team will work with you to identify the ideal impact and measures of success before your programme starts.

Our Executive Coaching programmes aren’t solely about having conversations on a one-to-one basis.

We combine the following strands, finding the perfect blend for each executive we work with:

  • Coaching sessions, usually individually, sometimes in learning sets.
  • Exploration of relevant models, theories and thinking.
  • Using day to day opportunities to apply and practise new strategies and skills.
  • Observing you ‘in action’ and providing developmental feedback.
  • Encouraging exposure to stretching situations, be that with peers in your own or other organisations, or more senior leaders.

How long will it take?

Your coaching programme will be adapted to your situation and objectives, so our first step will be to scope out your needs with you. We usually offer a programme of up to 6 sessions lasting from 6 to 9 months.

We also work with some executives on a long-term basis, acting as their ‘sounding board’, with a session every 4 or 6 months.

Where can it be done?

While our preference is to have some face-to-face contact, much or all of your executive coaching can be carried out remotely.

It’s important that our coaching sessions are held in a quiet environment where you won’t be overheard or interrupted. Meeting rooms often make an ideal location, whether for in-person coaching or a video session.

Who will deliver it?

Our team of qualified and experienced coaches all have proven track records. They’ve worked across a range of sectors and coached at different organisational levels, from junior managers to senior leaders.

In addition to our coaching expertise, we also draw on other tools and techniques, such as Insights Discovery and Appraisal 360.

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Clients tell us about the benefits they've gained from our Executive Coaching.

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Rob for his coaching and team development skills at the highest level of achievement and delivery”
Mark Mitchelmore, Procurement Director, Defence Mission Systems

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