Effective Communication

Communicate with impact and confidence in any situation.

Participants will gain a fuller understanding of their personal communication preferences and resulting behaviour. They will master a range of strategies and techniques to help them communicate assertively and effectively.

Benefits of improved communication skills

  • Feel more assured before and during one to one interactions
  • Make contributions to group discussions more boldly
  • Be clear on what personal communication strategies work best
  • Have the determination to apply the skills and behaviours learnt

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Why is effective communication important?

Communicating effectively is the linchpin of productive working relationships.

The people within your organisation all have different styles of communication – some effective, some less so. We’ll help them develop more assertive and constructive communication skills.

We will give participants the confidence to voice their thoughts, present to an audience and increase their influence with managers, direct reports, suppliers and clients.

The result will be better working relationships, fewer costly misunderstandings and increased employee engagement throughout your organisation.

Who is this for?

People in any role and at any level in your organisation will benefit from improved communication skills.

It’s particularly useful for those who currently lack confidence and find it difficult to share their views and insights.

And leaders can hone their presenting skills to ensure critical or complex messages are communicated effectively.

What is included?

Your training will be fully customised to your needs, based on your current situation, wider strategy and objectives.

This is a guide to what is likely to be included:

  • Preparatory work for attendees, particularly to help them crystallise what they want to achieve
  • During the session/s we’ll work with the participants to assess their personal communication preferences and where their strengths lie
  • We will then discuss various strategies for improving communication and influencing skills, and which would be best suited to each attendee
  • The session will incorporate opportunities to practise each technique. This could be supported by professional actors creating example scenarios
  • We’ll agree a plan to support attendees in applying their new skills in the “real world”. This can be followed up by line managers or through further support from Change Formation

You can use our training to develop general communication capabilities or to focus on a specific topic, such as presentation skills.

Example course outlines:

If required, your training can be developed for accreditation by ILM, providing trainees with a professional qualification.

How long will it take?

The timescales will be tailored to suit your requirements, for example:

  • Integrated within a long-term programme of development
  • Provided as a course/workshop over one or several days
  • Delivered in a series of short masterclasses
  • One to one coaching, as part of our executive coaching programme

Young Indian female mentor coach worker

Where can it be done?

Face to face training can be delivered at any suitable location. We’ll adapt the style of each course to suit the space and facilities available.

We can also deliver this remotely, using video conferencing. This is particularly beneficial for home workers and to provide short, masterclass sessions cost effectively.

Who will deliver it?

Your training will be delivered by one or more of our team, all of whom are experts in people development.

We use a wide range of tools to help assess, explain and refocus trainees’ communication preferences. For example, we have over twenty years’ experience in theatre-based learning, which gives participants unique insights into their current communication skills and the opportunity to try out new ones.

Our breadth of expertise allows us to find tailored solutions to each trainee’s needs.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ requirements and creating solutions which give them a tangible and sustainable improvement in employee engagement and productivity.

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Expert people development, delivered online or in-person

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