What we do

We work alongside Leaders, Executives and their teams so that they are assured, bold, competent and determined to succeed.

At Change Formation we place the utmost importance on the impact we achieve with our clients and, although we refer to established and robust theories, we pay the most attention to achieving practical application, action and change.


We offer:

  • Personalised executive development programmes: blending executive coaching with real-time development experiences and opportunities for networking, benchmarking and co-mentoring with similar executives.
  • Design and facilitation of leadership team development projects, meetings and activities, including conference ‘break out sessions’, ‘offsites’ and ‘away days’.
  • Premium learning programmes and events for executives, senior managers and experienced leaders, designed especially for the needs and learning styles of these participants.


 Why we do this:

Our aim is to increase the awareness among Board Member-level personnel of the impact of continued professional development of experienced, newly-promoted, and future Leaders and Executives within their organisation.

Our experience, our research and our clients tell us that Leaders continue to need support and development because:

  • Leading change effectively demands new thinking, concentration and energy.
  • Leading other leaders becomes more challenging.
  • Senior Leaders are asked to solve more complex problems.
  • Performing as a Leader demands a higher level of self-awareness.
  • Deciding on organisational and team structures becomes a critical responsibility.
  • Moving to a strategic role takes adjustment.
  • What got them to this position doesn’t seem to be enough in order to for them to continue to perform well.
  • Career decisions at senior levels can become more complex.

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