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Productivity – A Manager’s Checklist


November 24, 2017

Productivity is a hot topic.

Here in the UK, the Chancellor’s Budget Statement included the lowest economic productivity forecasts since the early 1980’s. Global trends in productivity are declining but the UK is lagging behind the other countries in the ‘G7’.

This article by the BBC provides useful background data about productivity and why this is viewed as an economic problem:

However, it states that the reasons for declining productivity are unclear. It sites ‘poor management’ as one possible reason.

What value does a manager add?

It’s true that poor management does damages productivity, so it would be useful to identify what effective managers do to create the conditions where productivity can increase.

One of the first questions I use during Management Development programmes is “What value does an effective manager add?” The question aims to focus the participants on the importance of their role and the positive difference they can make. It helps them to move away from their technical specialism and to identify what their teams need them to be good at.

When you compare the answers I receive to this question with the need to guide managers in how to boost productivity, you’ll notice a striking similarity!

The Manager’s Checklist for Boosting Productivity

  1. Have I explained the purpose of our tasks and projects and answered my team members questions and concerns in a way that is useful to them?
  2. Have I clearly described the goals we’re all aiming to achieve?
  3. Have we got a plan?
  4. Have I promoted cohesion and collaboration among my team members and with members of other teams?
  5. Have we organised the most effective way to perform the task together?
  6. Have I behaved and worked in ways to create an enjoyable working environment for my team?
  7. Have I represented my team appropriately at key moments?
  8. Have I contributed to the learning and development of my team members actively and usefully?
  9. Does each team member know how they’re performing and what they’re trying to improve?
  10. Am I constantly looking out for opportunities and needs for change so that we’re ready for the future?

Each of these points are development topics in their own right, so it’s well worth finding ways to learn, practise and improve.

The role a Manager performs is vital in generating the drive, energy and commitment each employee chooses to apply to their job. Enjoy playing your part in achieving a successful economy!

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