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Look at the state of you!


Look at the state of you

January 21, 2014

Why paying attention to how you look and feel will make you a more effective Leader and Coach.

You know the scenario.  You’re rushing from a meeting that overran to an important one to one with a manager in your team. They’ve been asking for some time with you to discuss one of their projects.  Your mind’s full of ideas from the last meeting but you’re irritated by the poor time-keeping and cross with yourself for not leaving on time.  And you’ve missed a call from Home.  You’ve arrived at the next meeting room… how are you going to perform as a Leader now?

When you read a description like this, it’s easier to see the scene and feel what it’s like.  You can identify with the ‘state’ that this leader finds themself in. In our ‘real life’, during the busy-ness of our days, it’s more difficult.

A colleague I was working with on a leadership development programme used the phrase ‘showtime’ to remind him that his behaviour at work was always ‘public’.  He identified that his facial expression, his posture and his speed of movement would transmit messages to any colleague who saw him.  He became careful but fluent in matching how he looked and sounded to the climate and energy he was trying to promote.

Similarly, I was recently on my way to holding a coaching session and noticed that I was distracted by my long ‘to do’ list, rushing because the train had been disrupted and a little tense about wanting my client to have a useful session.  In the final 15-minute walk from Waterloo to the meeting I noticed myself.  I had a frown to lose, my breath to calm and my head to clear.  I took the time to do this as I walked and arrived relaxed, smiling and present.

So, “look at the state of you” is a useful check for how to look and feel as a Leader and Coach at work – oh, and at home too!

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