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Insights Rediscovery


October 21, 2021

Insights Discovery is a psychometric analysis tool which provides an individual personality profile based on four “colour energies”. This simple model reveals valuable information about the person’s preferred style, their strengths and the value they add to their team.

When the profile is completed, we discuss the findings through a “Bring it to life” session. This helps the participant to better understand their results and identify actions to enhance their performance and engagement at work.

Can your Insights colours change over time?

Yes, your Insights Discovery profile can change over time. However, the reasons for change are not always straight forward or obvious.

In some cases, people make a concerted effort to change, as a result of what they learnt from Insights Discovery. This can be challenging, much like breaking a bad habit or learning to write with your other hand. But it is a worthwhile and rewarding achievement. Often there is an added incentive to accompany these changes, such as the prospect of promotion or a desire to improve relationships with colleagues.

Sometimes these changes are thrust upon us by circumstance and we may not even realise we have evolved. Perhaps a change of job or circumstance has occurred bringing new demands and the need to adapt to meet them. Many of us will have had an experience like this over the last couple of years with the increase in home and hybrid working.

What is Insights Rediscovery?

Insights Rediscovery is the process of repeating the Insights Discovery profiling, but this time with an emphasis on reviewing what has changed since your previous analysis.

The comparison between your old and new profile can reveal the extent of both your intended and unconscious changes since you first undertook Insights Discovery.

Understanding this can lead to enlightening and useful discussions about your new profile, what might have caused the changes and if there is a ‘trajectory’ you are following.

Who can benefit from Insights Rediscovery?

We recommend that Insights Rediscovery is most beneficial if you undertook your initial assessment at least 2 years ago.

It can be particularly useful for people who have had a significant change in circumstances, such as a promotion or change of job.

However, everyone can benefit from this regular boost to personal understanding and effectiveness.

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