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Discover how this new Insights digital platform can improve team dynamics throughout your whole organisation and include every employee.

By introducing your wider workforce to the common language of colour you can give the whole team a more effective way to communicate, building soft skills and company cohesion in the process.

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Designed for ease of use on any device, this simple digital platform effectively introduces the vibrant and widely-established four-colour personality framework of Insights to your organisation.

Particularly useful for entry-level, front-line, and remotely dispersed employees, Insights Explore engages colleagues in a way that allows them to develop and learn key communication and self-awareness skills at a comfortable pace.

These employees benefit from having a language to describe their approach to work, empowering them to understand and apply their unique strengths in collaborative environments.

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Uncovering people’s true potential with Insights Discovery

Discover how our work with Paxton is supporting their long-term strategy uncover the true potential of their people.

The quality tools from Insights Discovery and the professional support from Change Formation have proved invaluable. They have enabled my clients and I to explore personality types; understand the ways we interact; and make better-informed choices – with transformational results.”
Kim Newton-Woof, Insights Discovery practitioner

When to choose Insights Explore?

For larger teams, Insights Explore provides an engaging way to establish a means of simple and transparent communication across complex hierarchies where Insights Discovery may not be feasible.

By efficiently mapping out the personality profiles of your foundation-level employees, managers can establish better relationships with their direct reports, and those employees will have access to a simple way to develop key working skills.

Once established, other scenarios where Insights Explore is particularly impactful include:

  • Onboarding newcomers to quickly align them with team dynamics.
  • Introducing apprentices, temporary or seasonal workers to the organisation.
  • Bridging gaps in remote or hybrid work setups, ensuring everyone feels connected.
  • Preparing first-time managers or employees on talent development programmes for new levels of communication and responsibility.

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Insights Explore with Change Formation

By choosing to use Insights Explore through Change Formation, you gain a wealth of experience in implementing, facilitating, and applying the use of colour energy profiling across a wide range of organisations.

Our accredited practitioners will work with you to roll Insights Explore out across the business efficiently and effectively. They can then support you with achieving your goals and further people development.

For senior leaders, we always recommend discussing Insights Discovery with us as you can combine this with Insights Explore to maximise the impact on communication, cohesion, and progression across the entire hierarchy of your organisation.

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What is Insights Explore?

Insights Explore is a new digital platform designed to foster self-awareness and improve workplace connections through a simple, four-colour personality model.

It offers accessible, bite-sized content, ideal for individuals at any organisational level, serving both as a foundational self-development tool and a pathway to deeper learning.

Who can benefit from Insights Explore?

Specifically designed for front-line employees, apprentices, customer service staff, temporary workers, and seasonal workers, Insights Explore is most suitable for these roles. However, it is a versatile platform that can be a great introduction to colour energies for a broad audience.

What psychological principle is Insights Explore based on?

Insights Explore’s roots lie in the work of Carl Jung. He theorised that everyone has four dimensions for processing information (or “functions”): thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Each of these is influenced by two “attitudes”: introversion and extroversion.

Insights Explore reflects this in its basic principle; using four “colour energies” which describe these different aspects of our personality.

How much does Insights Explore cost?

Prices vary quite considerably depending on the number of participants, how many coaching or onboarding sessions might be required, and the size of the organisation. However, Insights Explore is designed to be a low-cost per learner alternative to Insights Discovery, meaning it is usually a more cost-effective option for larger organisations with large cohorts of learners.

Contact us for our current prices in the context of the project you have in mind.

How is Insights Explore used?

Once purchased by the organisation, employees are registered and sent a simple set of instructions that will allow them to access the Insights Explore digital platform on any device with an internet connection. They can return to the platform whenever is suitable and work through the process at their own pace.

Is Insights Explore Useful for Teams?

Yes, Insights Explore is specifically designed with larger teams in mind. Introducing colleagues to a universal language to improve cohesion, communication, and development.

Can senior leaders and managers use Insights Explore?

Although Insights Explore can act as a good way to introduce colour energies to managers and senior leaders, Insights Discovery is a more in-depth tool, that equips managers with a wider toolset to better communicate with their direct reports, develop their self-awareness and optimise team performance.

For this reason, we suggest that senior leaders opt for Insights Discovery rather than Insights Explore.

Do we need to run workshops for Insights Explore?

You don’t have to run a workshop to onboard your team with Insights Explore, however, we strongly recommend that you introduce the tool, as well as the organisation’s reasons & objectives for using it, with colleagues via a one-off session or webinar.

We also suggest that direct line managers of learners gather their teams together to share their outputs and explore the benefits of using Insights Explore. If required, Change Formation can help design and facilitate this onboarding process.

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