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Gaining an Insights Discovery accreditation is an informative and fulfilling opportunity, whether you want to be a practitioner for your own organisation or support people in other businesses.

Being an Insights Discovery practitioner gives you the opportunity to build motivated, resilient, high performance teams, and empower individuals to get the most from their work and home lives.

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About Insights Discovery accreditation

As an accredited practitioner you will have the skills and confidence to deliver Insights Discovery reports, Bring It To Life feedback and Insights Rediscovery sessions.

With the full support of the experienced team at Change Formation, you will become a catalyst for positive transformation in the organisations you work with.

To become a practitioner you will ideally need to be a professional coach or facilitator with a couple of years’ experience. An existing understanding of similar psychometric tools would be beneficial.

All practitioners need to be affiliated to a licensed distributor, such as Change Formation.

During your training to become a practitioner you’ll delve into the theory behind Insights Discovery, be guided through the profiling process and explore strategies for delivering the most effective feedback sessions. We’ll book your training for you and it will be delivered directly by the Insights organisation.

Following your training you will become a fully certified Insights Discovery practitioner. We’ll provide you with ongoing support as you start to use your new skills and you’ll have access to a wide range of networking and support information from Insights themselves.

The quality tools from Insights Discovery and the professional support from Change Formation have proved invaluable. They have enabled my clients and I to explore personality types; understand the ways we interact; and make better-informed choices – with transformational results.”
– Kim Newton-Woof, Insights Discovery practitioner

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