How Insights Discovery works

Insights Discovery is a highly rewarding method of increasing self-awareness and performance among individuals and teams.

Thanks to its proven methodology, and engaging four-colour-based output, it’s beneficial and accessible to everyone, from senior executives to those at the frontline.

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Why use Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is a powerful psychometric tool which strengthens both relationships and performance at work. It develops compelling leaders, improves personal impact, optimises teams’ effectiveness and builds stronger client relationships. Harness the power of Insights Discovery with Change Formation and achieve the success you deserve.

Everyone in your organisation can benefit from Insights Discovery; from senior executives to those at the frontline.

Our unique, engaging and enjoyable “Bring It To Life” sessions support individuals and groups to use Insights Discovery, Insights Colours and their personal profile reports to best effect.

Our Insights Discovery practitioners combine a deep knowledge of the Insights Discovery
tool with pragmatic expertise in people development, to help you to develop your self-
awareness, perform brilliantly with colleagues and achieve the goals you want.

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Uncovering people’s true potential with Insights Discovery

Discover how our work with Paxton is supporting their long-term strategy uncover the true potential of their people.

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Rob for his coaching and team development skills at the highest level of achievement and delivery”
Mark Mitchelmore, Procurement Director, Defence Mission Systems

Develop, perform and achieve with Insights Discovery

We believe the key to an enjoyable and fulfilling working life is a powerful combination of three factors:

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When this combination is set in a context where you believe you can achieve the ‘rewards that you value’ (which might not be money or promotion), then your performance and engagement at work will be at their highest.

Change Formation works with individuals, teams and organisations to clarify and harness these three factors to help them develop, perform and achieve.

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Insights Discovery process

Insights Discovery questionnaire and report

In order to identify your preferences accurately we invite you to complete an Insights Discovery questionnaire called the ‘Evaluator’.

Your answers in the Insights Discovery questionnaire will generate a report that gives you a great deal of insightful information about yourself.

The report is the first part of our Insights Discovery service.

Personal Insights Discovery feedback sessions

When you order reports from us, you’ll also receive a Bring It To Life feedback session, in either a one to one meeting with one of our Insights Discovery practitioners or as part of an engaging interactive Insights Discovery workshop. This will explain the wealth of information contained in your report and answer your questions. We’ll also work with each person to decide what to do next.

The benefits of our Bring It To Life sessions:

  • Ethically, reports of this nature should always be presented with an explanation from a qualified practitioner. This should include the limitations of the report as well as its uses.
  • It’s an opportunity to revisit your understanding of the fundamental concepts of perception, preference and the Insights Colour Energies. This will ensure you are interpreting the report correctly.
  • An objective Insights Discovery practitioner will help you interpret the report to your best advantage. For example, you will have the opportunity to discuss and better understand any findings you dislike.
  • The Bring It To Life session will help you to consolidate your understanding of the information so you can accurately discuss it with others. Learn more about our Bring It To Life sessions.

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Insights Discovery for your team

Insights Discovery will benefit your organisation at both an individual and team level.

When working with teams we take a collective approach, mapping the personality profiles across the group. This enjoyable process can reveal why some team members collaborate highly effectively and why others struggle to work together productively.

Through identifying these challenges within the team, and their root causes, we can support you to develop strategies which will dramatically improve team dynamics and performance.

Download a sample Team report


What are the four colour energies?

When creating your personal profile, Insights Discovery describes you using four “colour energies”. This helps to make the model, and your individual results, more accessible and easier to understand.

Everyone has elements of each colour in their personality, but they will have natural preferences for one or more of them.

The four colour energies are:

  • Cool blue
  • Fiery red
  • Earth green
  • Sunshine yellow

None of the colour energies are “good” or “bad” but each can manifest in positive or negative ways, depending on whether you’re experiencing your version of a good or bad day.

Find out more about the colour energies at our “Bring it to Life” feedback workshops.

What are the Insights Discovery blocks?

The Insights Discovery blocks are large, LEGO-style blocks. They come in sets of four, each block denoting one of the colour energies.

Each Insights Discovery block has a message on it, relating to that colour energy:

  • Cool blue block “Give me details”
  • Fiery red block: “Be brief, be bright, be gone”
  • Earth green block: “Show me you care”
  • Sunshine yellow block: “Involve me”

Participants can stack their blocks according to their own profile, with their dominant colour on top. It’s a useful visual aid for themselves, and also to help colleagues understand the best way to engage with them.

If they want to focus on developing a particular colour energy, then setting that block aside, or putting it at an angle on the stack, can provide a helpful reminder.

Blocks can be purchased as part of our “Bring it to Life” Feedback sessions.

What is The Insights Discovery Team Wheel?

The Insights Discovery wheel is an excellent way of mapping out an entire team’s Conscious Personas. We often do this as a physical activity in our feedback sessions, encouraging each participant to stand in their part of the wheel.

Insights Discovery color wheel

Is there a handbook I can refer to after my feedback session?

Yes, you can purchase our “Beginning the Journey” handbook to support your learning and development.

It’s designed and published by Insights Discovery themselves, providing comprehensive information about the process, including useful exercises and activities. It’s helpful as a reminder of key explanations and to maximise the lasting impact that Insights Discovery can have.

How do you receive your Insights Discovery results?

You’ll receive a written report detailing your personal Insights Discovery profile. Importantly, this should be accompanied by a follow-up session with your Insights Discovery practitioner to help you understand and interpret the report, and spot the most important opportunities for personal development. We call this a “Bring It To Life” session.

Generally the practitioner will only give you the report in the follow-up session, not before, to allow them to guide you through the results.

What is included in the Insights Discovery report?

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile report provides you with an overview of your personal preferences, and then goes into detail to explain how this impacts your own work (for example in terms of communicating, selling and time management), and your relationships with others (particularly those of an opposite personality type to you).

To give you a flavour of how unique your report will be, the overview section is constructed from a bank of 8,000 possible statements. A combination of just 50 of these are selected (based on your Evaluator responses) to create your Personal Profile overview.

View an example Insights Discovery Personal Profile report.

Is Insights Discovery accurate?

Insights Discovery has been rigorously tested to ensure its accuracy in multiple ways, including how accurately the questionnaire measures your preferences, whether the results are influenced by latent variables such as the respondent’s openness and whether the outcomes are consistent over time.

During your feedback session you’ll be asked to review your report and identify any statements which you feel are inaccurate. Generally speaking respondents find that well over 90% of their statements are accurate – which is called the “Face Validity” score.

Insights has been recognised by both The British Psychological Society and DNV GL’s Occupational Test Tools Certification Mark.

Read more about how the accuracy of Insights Discovery has been validated.

Can Insights Discovery be delivered remotely?

Yes, absolutely. You can complete the ‘Evaluator’ questionnaire online and receive your results and follow-up coaching remotely through video calls.

Do you need to repeat Insights Discovery?

It can be useful to repeat Insights Discovery a few years down the line, we call this Insights Rediscovery.

While the Insights Discovery model has been shown to be consistent over time, people do change and therefore repeating the process can be beneficial. For example, you may have made a concerted effort to develop a particular colour energy following your first assessment. Or a major life event may have required you to adapt to new circumstances.

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