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Insights Discovery is a powerful psychometric tool, for teams and individuals, which strengthens performance at work.

It achieves this by giving you an objective view of how you and your people communicate, collaborate and behave.

The results are more accomplished leaders, more effective collaboration and enriched client relationships.

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Insights Discovery for your team

Deliverable in-person or remotely, Insights Discovery is highly effective in developing teams, as well as individuals.

By collectively mapping your team members’ personal profiles you can quickly identify opportunities for growth. The process also reveals and explains where there is potential for conflict, enabling people to accept their differences and how to collaborate more effectively.

We have seen astounding improvements in team dynamics and performance as a result of simply understanding each other a little better, thanks to Insights Discovery.

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The rewards of Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a great tool for increasing self-awareness, learning how to communicate effectively with others and supporting team development programmes.

In our experience, the principles, language and enjoyment of Insights Discovery are really infectious in organisations.

With our help to interpret and plan your next steps, Insights Discovery will enable you and your business to develop, perform and achieve.

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How Insights Discovery works

Insights Discovery is a flexibly-delivered three step process:

  1. You complete a questionnaire (the “evaluator”), which can be done online or on paper. This consists of a number of statements which you rank by the extent to which they resonate with you.
  2. You’ll receive the results of the evaluator in a detailed, personal profile report.
  3. Your practitioner will discuss the findings with you, exploring opportunities for you to develop personally and as a team (we call this a “Bring it to Life” session).

Start your journey

Insights Discovery evaluator and report

The preference Evaluator is the questionnaire used at the start of your Insights Discovery journey.

It involves completing 25 sections, each of which contain four statements. You choose which of the four options you are most and least like, then score the remaining two options on a scale of one to five.

The resulting report details your personal profile, including your preferences towards each of the four Insights Discovery Colour Energies.

Insights Discovery Bring It To Life sessions

You’ll receive your written report as part of a personal or group “Bring It To Life” session. This enables your Insights Discovery practitioner to guide you through the report to ensure you understand and interpret it to maximum benefit.

This feedback process also allows you time to identify personal or team development opportunities. Your practitioner will work with you to plan a strategy to achieve the changes you would like to make.

We offer both individual feedback sessions or group-based Insights Workshops.


Who created Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery was developed in 1993 by father and son team, Andi and Andy Lothian. This Scottish pair were inspired by an interest in the work of Carl Jung and Jolande Jacobi. They sought to create a method to help people truly understand themselves and others, so they can make a positive difference in everything they do.

What psychological principles is Insights Discovery based on?

“Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind has been connected with an advance in self awareness.”

Carl Jung

Insights Discovery’s roots lie in the work of Carl Jung. He theorised that everyone has four ways of processing information (or “functions”): thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Each of these are influenced by two “attitudes”: introversion and extroversion.

Insights Discovery reflects this in its basic principle; using four “colour energies” which describe these different aspects of our personality.

Is Insights Discovery about emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions in positive ways and to adapt your behaviours in the light of the emotions that others around you are experiencing. Insights Discovery supports the development of emotional intelligence by enabling you to become more self-aware.

You will better understand your own personality preferences, and relate these to the connections you make (or don’t make) with others. This enables you to identify situations where you already show strong emotional intelligence, and circumstances where you might need to work a little harder.

How much does Insights Discovery cost?

Prices vary quite considerably depending on the number of participants and the amount of coaching required, or number of group workshops you would like us to run. For example, you might need a single report and feedback session or a departmental roll-out of Insights Discovery requiring many profile reports and multiple workshops.

Contact us for our current prices in the context of the project you have in mind.

What is an Insights Discovery practitioner?

A licensed Insights Discovery practitioner has been accredited over a four-day process by Insights Discovery. This gives them the training and licence to carry out the Evaluator profiling process and support participants in interpreting and using their results.

Who can use Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is useful at every level of an organisation, from senior executives to frontline workers. The personal insights it provides can help anyone to become happier and more productive at work. When done across a team it produces significant performance improvements.

What are the benefits of Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery helps people to better understand themselves and others. This increased self-awareness gives people the tools to be successful either independently or as a team. It’s a great tool to include in leadership development programmes and to build positive relationships between providers and their clients.

When used across an organisation it provides a common language, which can ease working relationships and overcome conflict.

Is Insights Discovery useful in coaching?

Yes, absolutely. The self-awareness the process gives you provides the perfect foundation for ongoing coaching activities. It identifies personal preferences, areas for development and ideas for dealing with people who have different preferences.

Is Insights Discovery useful for teams?

Yes, Insights Discovery is a great tool to increase mutual understanding across a team and improve overall collaboration and performance.

By mapping each team member on the Insights Discovery Team Wheel, you can identify better ways of working together, and where a team may be lacking in certain outlooks.

Is Insights Discovery useful for recruitment?

No, we advise against this.

Insights Discovery doesn’t give you any information on how well an individual will perform in a specific role. It only tells you about the individual’s personality preference. Plus, the Insights Discovery model says that we can dynamically ‘dial up’ or ‘dial down’ our colour energies to suit the situation.

Therefore, Insights Discovery cannot predict whether a person will be suitable for a particular role.

How does Insights Discovery support leaders?

Insights Discovery gives leaders valuable information about their own personality preferences and those of the people who report into them.

It equips them to lead, communicate and collaborate more effectively. It can also provide
valuable insights into the potential synergies and conflicts within their team, enabling them to
manage their people more successfully, creating a positive workplace culture.

Which organisations use Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is used by a wide range of organisations across numerous sectors and
around the world. Read more about our work with Ericsson, CGG and Paxton.

What are the criticisms of Insights Discovery?

Some people find that if their Insights Discovery results are quite evenly balanced (so they don’t have any obviously dominant colours) it is less helpful in terms of identifying areas for improvement. This is where the quality of the coaching you received alongside Insights Discovery is so important – without this, evenly balanced results can feel like a dead end.

The quality of the practitioner is also critical in ensuring that the results aren’t over-generalised and people aren’t pigeon-holed. For example, just because someone scores low on the Sunshine Yellow colour energy, this doesn’t mean that they’re dull and boring. If the results of the Evaluator are presented in the wrong way the results can feel too stark, and overly critical.

In most profiles there will be at least one thing which the participant questions. This isn’t unusual, nor does it indicate a problem with the process. We generally find that well over 90% of statements are deemed by participants to be correct.

In discussing why the individual disagrees with a particular statement we can find useful insights and development opportunities.

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The rewards of Insights Discovery

An Insights Discovery accreditation provides a valuable asset, whether you’re a people development professional working within an organisation or with clients.

Change Formation can support you through the journey to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner and beyond.

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