How we do it


We use a range of useful, robust and reliable psychometric tools with individuals, teams and whole organisations. These include:

Insights Discovery ®

Insights Discovery Personality Profiling is an easy-to-use tool which explains the different levels of psychological ‘energies’ a person has. Insights Discovery uses a system of 4 colours to describe personality types based on the work of Carl Jung. It’s a great tool for increasing self-awareness, for learning how to communicate effectively with others and for supporting team development programmes. In our experience, the principles, language and enjoyment of Insights Discovery are really infectious in organisations. When used effectively, Insights can enhance the culture of personal development and collaboration at work.

Sample Report

MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

A leading personality profiling tool, based on the work of Carl Jung and added to by Myers and Briggs over 60 years ago.  This tool enables a person to identify their preferences aligned to one of 16 personality types and can be used to support self awareness, mutual understanding and teamworking.  We’ll always hold a one to one feedback and coaching session to help an individual use the outputs of their profile.

Belbin Team Roles ®

According to the work of Meredith Belbin, we each have preferences in the types of behavioural roles we perform in teams.  Belbin’s Team Roles diagnostic enables individuals to identify their preferred team roles and, in combination with their team colleagues, to identify strengths and potential blindspots in the team.  As a result, teams can plan for how they will work together to play to their strengths and mitigate for the potential risks.

Appraisal 360

360 Degree Feedback is a powerful professional development tool because it correlates the intentions of the participant with the impact they are having.  We particularly like the Appraisal 360 tool because it is user-friendly and we can tailor it to each organisation we work with.  It is reliable, accurate and credible. The report for each participant is straight-forward to interpret and is useful in identifying the next steps in development.

Sample Report


Our Partnering Approach

We are committed to providing an excellent service to all our potential and actual clients.  We aim to build long-term relationships with you.  We have an established and successful approach to working on projects with our clients. There are 3 phases to our approach:


Phase One

  • Listen – to the ‘why’, the context, the aims
  • Playback – we summarise and check our understanding
  • Propose – we recommend solutions and approaches
  • Agree to Proceed – we agree the commercial terms for the next steps


Phase Two

  • Diagnose – we will carry out research, interviews and needs analysis
  • Engage – we will work with you to gain the active support of a sponsor Director and to generate the desire for the project with the people involved
  • Agree to Proceed – we agree the commercial terms to deliver the project


Phase Three

  • Design – we use our expertise to design the solutions
  • Deliver – we get going!
  • Review – we check that we’re meeting the brief
  • Evaluate – we work with you to measure the effects and benefits of the project
Benefit from the best tools in the hands of expert practitioners.