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Developing Talent – while launching our new video!


February 3, 2015

We’ve been busy filming our new Change Formation video.  In it, Rob, our Executive Development Director, introduces you to what we do, why we do what we do and who we do it with!

We were lucky to be able to film in some exclusive offices in the City of London which commanded some spectacular views over the skyline and landmark buildings.

Producing Talent

There’s a great story of learning and development behind the production of the video too.  As you know, we believe in developing people and really enjoy seeing people rise to a challenge in order to achieve their goals.  We were looking to produce a video as visual support for our marketing activities.  So, when Rob saw that one of his daughter’s friends had produced a video for her Sixth Form College as part of her Photography A-Level, he spotted an mutually beneficial opportunity.  He approached Holly McGratten and asked if she would like to have a go at producing a more ‘corporate’ video to support Change Formation.  To her credit, Holly accepted the challenge and went about planning and researching.  While Rob wrote the script, Holly organised the shoot, thought about the images to capture and then edited the film.

Capturing Learning

We’re really proud of what Holly has produced.  Holly enjoyed the project and learned a lot about all the elements that go into producing such a video.  She took feedback from her college tutor along the way too and showed real dedication to her work.  She’s currently aiming to progress to a Degree in Media Studies and we really believe she’s got talent!

Click here or on the image of Holly and Rob above to see the video for yourself.  We’ve also included it on the What We Do page of this website.

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