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Uncovering people’s true potential with Insights Discovery

Discover how our work with Paxton is supporting their long-term strategy uncover the true potential of their people.

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“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Rob for his coaching and team development skills at the highest level of achievement and delivery”
Mark Mitchelmore, Procurement Director, Defence Mission Systems

The brief

Paxton design and manufactures security technology for the global market.

Paxton is passionate about people development and providing its employees with opportunities to develop their skills and uncover their true potential.

There is a strong focus on a positive culture to help make it an enjoyable environment to work in. This can be recognised by the company placing in the ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’ list the last four times running.

Initially, the course was rolled out to their managers to increase employee engagement. It was recognised that personality profiling would be an excellent way to boost working relationships and collaboration across the business through increased self-awareness and improved communication skills. Due to this success, it was later driven out to a wider group of employees across the business.

This is where we come in …

The programme

Selecting Insights Discovery

In collaboration with the HR team at Paxton, we selected Insights Discovery as the ideal personality profiling tool.

There were several reasons for this:

  • At the root of Insights Discovery is a huge amount of research and analysis, giving it a credibility. This is particularly important to the enquiring minds of Paxton Access’ engineers and technical specialists.
  • While the thinking behind Insights Discovery is complex, with our help the output becomes easy to digest and translate into real life self-awareness and behavioural change.
  • It is enlightening and enjoyable; once you’ve started using Insights Discovery it quickly builds momentum and becomes easy to roll out elsewhere in the organisation.

Delivering the programme

Our initial brief was to deliver three workshops, for around 40 participants. All people managers were invited, including the company’s CEO and other Directors.

We always design and deliver workshops that are highly interactive. We want attendees to have a memorable and enjoyable experience, as well as obtaining their all-important personal report and feedback.

In fact, the workshops went so well that we were invited back to repeat the process across the organisation, including some international team members. We swiftly moved the workshops online when the covid pandemic struck.

To date over 240 Paxton employees have benefited from Insights Discovery.

Paxton employees

The impact

Insights Discovery has now become embedded as an integral part of Paxton’s people development strategy.

Paxton looks to enrol as many employees as possible to complete the Insights Discovery evaluation and join a feedback workshop. It has become part of wider behavioural development programmes within the organisation.

So far Paxon has reported:

  • An increase in employee self-awareness.
  • An average of well over 90% scores for the Face Validity of the profiles provided (ie participants feel that the profiles were over 90% accurate as a reflection of themselves).
  • Widespread acceptance of personality profiling, with employees embracing the concepts and using the language of Insights with each other.
  • Improvement and strengthening of connections and working relationships with their colleagues.

Achieve similar results for your organisation

Insights Discovery is just one of the many tools we employ to support organisations’ people development strategies.

Our mission is simple – we want your business to develop, perform and achieve.

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