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“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Rob for his coaching and team development skills at the highest level of achievement and delivery”
Mark Mitchelmore, Procurement Director, Defence Mission Systems

The brief

In 2017, industry-leading geoscience organisation CGG approached us to help establish their Transformational Leadership Programme (TLP).

They wanted to introduce leadership training which would develop and support middle managers to become their high performance leaders of tomorrow.

Since its introduction, more than 40 managers have benefitted from the TLP.

The programme

Our task was to deliver a tailored, informative and motivational programme of leadership development for the CGG managers, with 4 key themes:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Developing Others
  • Developing Strategy

Importantly, this needed to complement and build on the existing development opportunities which CGG already offered their managers and leaders. We worked closely with CGG’s learning and development team to streamline our work, along with organising logistics and scheduling the training.

Insights Discovery was a natural starting point, alongside 360 feedback from managers, peers and direct reports.

Each participant undertakes the Insights Discovery process, helping them (and us) to better understand their individual blend of personal preferences – or Colour Energies as we call them.

Combining this with 360 feedback, we are able to create a personal development programme tailored to each participant’s needs.

Coaching sessions are an important component of each individual’s programme, alongside more structure training through workshops and learning sets.

These could cover topics such as:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Performance conversations
  • Fostering positive engagement
  • Decision making

The programme incorporates a mix of face to face and remote training, over a period of approximately one year.

The impact

Since its inception, CGG’s Transformational Leadership Programme has become a critical part of developing their people for future leadership roles. This has helped to improve both personal and organisational performance.

By rotating the face to face development sessions across CGG’s UK locations, participants have also had the opportunity experience the breadth of their company’s businesses and operational structures.

Some of the feedback we have received from participants:

“… it has also helped my personal development immensely and I look forward to putting into action many of the things we have discussed (I have already implemented many changes and will continue to do so).”

“Thank you very much for your help and support over last year or so. I have really enjoyed the training and you always made it interesting and challenging.”

“I fully intend to capitalize on what I have learnt over the last 12 months.”

“You steered us through the course and provided us with the necessary information which enabled us to maximize the output so I’m very grateful.”

“Thank you again for the great programme and for being such a good coach throughout the year.”

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