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July 19, 2021

Insights Discovery is a powerful personality profiling tool which we use with many of our clients. It helps people to better understand themselves and their colleagues, leading to improved communication, collaboration and productivity.

The two stages of Insights Discovery

When you undertake an Insights Discovery analysis, the first step is to complete the “Evaluator” questionnaire. This consists of 25 sets of 4 statements which you are asked to rank in the order that best to least describes you. For example, to what extent are you “open and outgoing” or “results-orientated and fast”?

The results of the questionnaire are then used to derive your personality preferences, explained in terms of the four Insights colour energies:

You receive a detailed report (download a sample), plotting various facets of your personality in terms of your combination of preferences the colour energies.

There are a number of ‘chapters’ that can be included in the report. Everyone receives the ‘Foundation Chapter’. Additional chapters can be selected from Management, Effective Selling, Interviews and Personal Achievement.

So, there is a lot of information in the report. Which is why the second stage is so important …

Stage 2 – Bring It To Life

While the Insights Discovery report is incredibly useful, it is very detailed and quite a lot to take in, particularly if it’s the first time you’ve received this sort of feedback.

It’s the ethical responsibility of every Insights Discovery practitioner to provide explanations alongside each report, and to discuss the limitations of the process.

Our “Bring It To Life” feedback sessions enable you to navigate the report more easily and ensure that you get every ounce of benefit from your newfound knowledge.

The wider context

The report itself, while valuable, will not reflect your wider situation. So, it’s important to consider the results of your Insights Discovery analysis in the context of your organisation, your job role and your seniority.

During our Bring It To Life session we’ll discuss the findings of your report. We’ll evaluate how these impact your day to day life and your future aspirations. This in-depth discussion will ensure that the conclusions and actions you take away with you are both useful and relevant.

This deeper understanding will also support you in accurately discussing your report with others, for example with your manager or your team.

Reading between the lines

The Insights Discovery report provides detailed information about your personality. It makes some strong recommendations for ways in which you can improve your working relationships.

But it’s also important to read between the lines of the report. To pick up on the nuance, the unwritten messages. Our finely tuned, professional intuition is key in interpreting the Insights Discovery outputs and using them for the maximum benefit of our participants.

Part of this is also discussing any elements of the report which you don’t like or disagree with. We will help you to better understand where these findings came from and how to make sense of them.

Harness our expertise

We have been carrying out Insights Discovery analyses for over 5 years and estimate that, in this time, we’ve supported over 450 people. So, we know plenty about it!

But our Insights Discovery experience isn’t the only benefit of using Change Formation to Bring It To Life for you. We have a whole suite of tools, models and techniques to hand. Our extensive knowledge means that we can refer to areas such as transactional analysis, emotional intelligence and influencing skills. This combined expertise ensures you get the most from your Insights Discovery journey.

Our many years of experience also means that we are quick to build rapport with participants and demonstrate the credibility of Insights Discovery. This is essential to reassure those who are nervous or sceptical about the process.

Let us Bring It To Life for you

Our Bring It To Life feedback sessions are automatically included in all our Insights Discovery assignments, and our Insights Rediscovery work with those who have had an Insights Discovery evaluation in the past.

We can work with teams and individuals, both online and in person.

Beyond the initial Insights Discovery report and Bring It To Life session, we continue to support participants by using the Insights Discovery outputs to feed into their ongoing development. This can include team development, leadership development, client relationship skills and one to one coaching.

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