Vision & Mission

Our Vision “Everyday Development”

We want to be renowned in the world of work for enabling everyone to enjoy developing, performing and achieving every day – and for involving every leader in playing a constant, active and useful part in people development.


Our Mission “Develop. Perform. Achieve.”

Our mission is to inspire and equip leaders and their teams to Develop, Perform and Achieve.

We want to give people the assurance, boldness, clarity and determination to succeed at work and in their personal lives.


Our Values

Change Formation wants our clients to say that all of us – and the ways we work – fit positively and seamlessly into their organisations.  We enable them to support and challenge their people in their everyday development, performance and achievements.

You will notice these values in the way we work:

  • Driving towards – our results and competitive focus
  • Working with – our collaborative approach
  • Attention to – our aim for craftsmanship, doing the best we can
  • Learning about – our curiosity and our continuous improvement
  • Kindness for – how we treat everyone
Let us help you achieve your vision.