The Team

Rob McWilliam

Executive Development Director

People who work with me get better results by committing to new ways of leading and working, and find the boldness they need to succeed.

I believe that working with people in a coaching relationship is one of the most powerful ways for learning, reflection, planning and decision making to happen.

For me, coaching offers an executive the environment for strategic thinking, growth, change, and action. I’ll use a variety of models, tools and techniques to help to achieve their desired coaching objectives. I will challenge my clients directly, while giving them the support they need.

Fundamentally, my wish for my clients is that they believe in themselves and feel positive and driven towards achieving what they believe they can – for themselves, for the organisation and for their life outside work.

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Kim Newton-Woof

Expert in Organisational Development

People who work with me want to be great at what they do and how they do it. They’re searching for meaningful ways to sustain positive change – at a personal, team or organisational level – and together, we make it happen.

For my clients to be at their best, often it’s the smallest changes that have the biggest impact. The key is working out what’s really holding them back and exploring what can be done about it through powerful conversations.

Using a creative combination of questioning, assessment and feedback to provoke deeper thinking, I help my clients explore and challenge their activities and behaviours. They value my use of ‘real’ work to build trust, foster accountability and improve performance.

The wisdom, experience and creativity of human beings never fails to astound me. I believe the people with a problem have the solution. My role is to enable them to find it.

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Chris Stagg

Expert in Creativity

I’m an expert in theatre-based learning. People work with me to develop effectiveness in their impact, influence and strategic thinking.

My work is rooted in the belief that – of all the arts – it is drama that offers the most concrete, immediate and direct representation of human behaviour and social experience. Thus it is one of the preeminent tools for ‘thinking’ about organisational life and its situations.

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Caroline Fielder

Executive Assistant

I support the team at Change Formation with their coaching and development programmes.

A dedicated and efficient Executive Assistant, I have extensive experience in Learning and Development operations and believe in delivering a high level of customer service and professionalism with my friendly and personable approach.

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